Task #12- Student Descriptions


Steve is classified CELDT: Advanced (A). Student has good writing, listening and reading skills, but struggles speaking English. Teacher will use clear and concise language when instructing and giving directions.


Seth has been diagnosed ADHD. Student understands the material when focused, but struggles to maintain focus for whole class period. Students 504 plans suggest that student would benefit from clear and concise directions in both written and oral form and multiple reviews of such direction with the student.


Sam is a senior at Mt. Carmel H.S. who grew up in a bilingual Cuban-American household of high socio-economic status.  Sam’s goals are to go to Mira Costa then transfer to a University. Sam tests above grade level in reading, writing, and math, however, maintains a C average. Sam has a 504 Plan for ADHD, anxiety, and depression.


For Monica (Visual Disability) This student has a difficult time reading information that is written on the board (unless it is in black) and projected.  To accommodate, all directions are also passed out on individual paper so this student can read and follow along with the directions the teacher is giving. 


For Daniel (ELL-A) Daniel does best when he knows he is helping other students.  Because he is at the advanced level Daniel can help the other English Language Learners in the classroom.  He best understands the information when he knows he will be responsible for tutoring and after explaining it to his peers.  Since Daniel is at a level where he understands and can help his peers, teachers pair him with the other English Language Learners in the classroom.  

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