Task #5- Unit Overview of Activities

Throughout the unit students will be looking at their own backgrounds as well as the history of society in order to study the origins of family and cultures. Students will also study family inheritance by learning about DNA and participating in labs. In each class students will be studying different aspects of where we come from.

- Students will receive a DNA Origami Template and a set of instructions from the teacher. Students may work in groups of any size in order to complete their DNA Origami DNA model.
- Students will receive a DNA and RNA base pair template from the teacher. Students will cut out base pairs and pair them up according to whether they are DNA or RNA. Students may work in groups of any size in order to complete their models.
- Students will receive a Snork lab handout from the teacher and will be assigned one of four possible Snorks in which to decipher the genetic code. The possible Snorks are: Snicker, Snuffle, Snapple and Snoopy.
- Students will receive a blank Punnett Square handout and an Inheritance lab handouts.
- Students will do Punnett Squares for the nine traits which will be investigated in the Inheritance lab.
- Students will obtain an Inheritance Lab from the teacher if they haven't done so already and walk around   the classroom helping fellow classmates determine what phenotype they possess on the nine different traits.

Students will be learning about and applying their knowledge to a Famous Civics Family Tree Investigation.  The teacher will model the assignment before assigning students to create their own Civics family tree.
- Students will be participating in their own personal genealogy research by working in the technology lab to research and fill out a handout that will guide them to find information helpful for their final project.
- Students will be using their family interview from English class to analyze their family answers and discuss their family’s political views and how that has been passed on through generations.
- Students will bring their own data and host their own class discussion on Civics ancestry.  They will use data from their family interviews as well as definitions they have been developing in English to discuss.
- Students will be completing their “Take a Stance Project.”  It will encompass each activity they completed in this unit including labs from science and activities from English. 

- Students will interview family members on their backgrounds and stories on how their family came to America.
-Students will individually define family based on their own family interviews.
- Students will work in groups to interview disadvantaged youth and elderly persons in public living facilities and create a video presentation that encompasses a definition of family.
-Student groups will volunteer in specialized schools, orphanages, retirement homes to serve and learn about these communities.

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