Task #13-17: Differentiation Strategies

Steve Differentiation

Process based on Interest

Teacher uses Group Work strategies by allowing multiple interactions of native and non-native English speaking students who may be inexperienced in new and complex scientific words and concepts. This strategy facilitates comprehension of the new and complex words, while collectively solidifying group understanding of important instruction and procedure.

Seth Differentiation

Process based on Learning Profile

Teacher will be clear and concise while giving directions orally and will also include same directions on whiteboard. Teacher will check for understanding of directions for each activity individually for each student after general class has begun activity. Teacher also uses a Rotating Partners strategy in order to keep Special Needs student involved in the group process. Group strategies used in this lesson are in consideration of English Language Development students, however, using the one-on-one group size and rotation is also in consideration of attention deficit students.

Sam Differentiation

Sam is a visual learner, and is interested in poetry and other forms of art. Present material visually, less lecture and more interactive/group activities to meet her ADHD needs. Sam and the rest of the class will be given an array of assessment options including an art project. Frequent positive feedback to increase confidence, Sam will be place in the front of the class to eliminate distractions, enable close monitoring of level of engagement, and redirect as often as needed, Her ADHD may affect her organization skills, so providing rubrics that make expectations of each assignment clear will help with possible confusion, Having Sam frequently reflect on her achievements will give her ownership over her learning and therefore boost her confidence.

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